Custom Programming

Custom Programming

Custom Programming for Hospitality Applications

Because of the experience, depth and skills of our programming and development staff, we have become a go to solution provider for many very advanced solutions required by national chains and many large ad agencies that have superior creative staffs, but need additional technology resources.

Working with Wyndham (WVO) we have created massive lead generation solutions, loyalty and reward platforms, travel incentive programs, along with cross platform integrations.

We have developed state of the art Travel trade marketing platforms for HardRock that have included on the fly co-branded agency marketing collateral materials along with dozens of other very advanced database driven marketing solutions.

Currently developing a Las Vegas tourism membership platform to support all major destination hotels and key attractions, with support for private / group events.

Created custom travel agent database driven promotions and travel trade marketing solutions for Palace Resorts.

Developed custom dynamic landing page platforms for chain hotels where by any combination of Geo area, nearby point of interest, or any special amenity item searched upon will serve up a dynamic page matching the exact search items including matching images for the closest hotel property along with the best available booking rates.

Our experience and technology resources enable us to support near any possible custom programming task within the hospitality industry, as we take great pride in being a go to solution provider to major brands when innovative needs arise.

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