Most hoteliers are incredibly surprised to see what added revenue and profit gains can be readily achieved by incremental improvements in occupancy, ADR and growing direct bookings. Our Hotel Marketing 4.0 has been specifically created to generate these type results, and to do so with no upfront costs, just one basic low monthly rate.

Please see how much incremental revenue your hotel can gain now!

Your Hotel Estimated Business Hotel Marketing 4.0
Number of rooms in your hotel
Average est. annual occupancy %
Total annual rooms booked
Average est. daily rate ($) - ADR
Annual Gross Room Revenue (est.)
% bookings from 3rd parties/OTAs
3rd party / OTA revenue
% direct bookings (web/phone)
Average 3rd party/ OTA comission %
Comissions paid to 3rd party / OTA
Current EST net annual revenue

Your hotel’s total revenue opportunity increase if:
You allow us to grow occupancy by 3%, ADR by 1%, direct bookings by 5%, and a 1 star review increase

We truly get it, and are both hospitality technologists AND hotel marketing experts. We are so confident that we can help you grow your business with our Hotel Marketing 4.0 solution, we provide your new website and every possible tool needed for booking and revenue growth success at our own expense. No calculator needed here, we provide everything to grow your business, contact us today to learn more.