Custom Landing Pages

Personalized content = significantly greater visitor engagement

We provide hotel clients with the ability to personalize campaign landing pages by hotel property, by campaign keyword name, by any local activity/amenity – all with the ability to adjust imagery, text headlines, text content and offers to match a specific consumer’s search terms.

This enables consumers to search, and more important, find the content offering that exactly matches what they are searching for. We have developed this solution for hotels and resorts that operate in highly competitive environments where the higher cost of attracting a potential guest must cost justified with significantly higher booking conversion rates. By using our advanced personalization technology we are able to create landing pages tailored for each visitor based on their exact search inquiry. By maximizing the relevancy of these landing pages via individual personalization we generate far higher booking conversion rates.

For example, let’s say a consumer is searching a particular destination Geo area (i.e. Abaco, Bahamas, for a particular type of activity (i.e. Bird watching), etc. etc. – then the search keywords used by the consumer which would be built into a keyword portion of a PPC campaign, would trigger a specific PPC ad that matched the consumer’s exact search. How often as a consumer do you find exactly what you are searching for with a perfect match on the 1st try? Just think how qualified this consumer is for this specific search information as the actual ad text or copy further qualifies them to be sure this is exactly what information they are searching for!

Provide exactly what potential guests are searching for to grow booking results

They then click through to a custom landing page that has been custom built on the fly to match the specific details from their keyword search terms and specific PPC ad text. This potential consumer vacationer has now effortlessly found exactly what they want to know in greater detail.

The landing page solution, automatically adjusts all content to match the consumer’s search details. In this case the page imagery and text automatically shows “Bird Watching” and emphasizes the search destination which in this case was “Abaco” – and like all landing pages the “Call to Action” has also been fully automated to best support all custom details of the campaign and the consumer’s search. In this case there can be local vacation offers featuring local member hotels and their specific amenity related to this activity. And then the “Learn More..”, “Check Availability” or “Book Now” buttons can point to where ever is best based upon local business objectives.

The value here is huge – Personalized landing pages boost marketing ROI and booking results, it is really that simple.

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