Hotel Review Mgt. 4.0

Increased Review Rankings = Significant incremental Bookings

Hotel Reputation Management 4.0

Savvy consumers and nearly all vacationing consumers utilize hotel reviews and review site rankings as a key decision making factor in their hotel booking decisions.

Our Solution: Hotel Reputation Management 4.0 – A simple way to monitor and track all of your review activities in one combined management panel. Study after study within the hospitality industry shows a very direct linkage to the huge significance positive reviews, hotel rankings and responsive property level management of all guest reviews are to increased bookings and the ability to maximize ADRs. These activities now go well beyond TripAdvisor and now include all of the major OTA and travel sites.

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Hotel Reputation Management 4.0 is a FREE component of our complete Hotel Marketing 4.0 platform where we offer a comprehensive and easy to use solution that allows hotels to efficiently aggregate, organize and manage their online reputation encompassing all major travel sites in our combined all in one reporting platform. We will provide the analysis, business intelligence; competitive benchmarking and reporting needed to help you more effectively manage your hotel. Our solution is designed to serve the needs of individual hotel operators, multi-establishment properties and destination tourism organizations.

We will aggregate all of your hotel reviews together and keep you alerted to all new mentions & posting

  • We will monitor and alert you to every new review and or update all of the most relevant Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and review websites including TripAdvisor.
  • Everything will be integrated and clearly displayed on our user-friendly reporting platform ready for you.
  • You will be immediately alerted you about new online reviews to best determine if a rapid response is necessary.
  • We will deliver powerful yet simple to view reports to help you better understand your hotel’s online performance.

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