Hotel Pay per Click Services

Paid Search / Pay per Click (PPC) has become the most cost effective way to market immediate call to action campaigns. Paid search operates literally an auction type format, where the highest bidder gets the first spot on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Hotel Traffic Builders’ dedicated pay-per-click advertising staff employs state of the art powerful technology solutions and personally manages every client campaign.

Google dominates the current paid search landscape because of their extensive audience reach. The complexities of running PPC campaigns have hugely increased in recent times as the competition for keywords and audience has grown, so has our expertise. Hotel Traffic Builders manages tens of thousands of keywords daily, and effectively bids for clicks in the most competitive categories – “Hotel Bookings”. We learned and mastered long ago, that this is not a bidding content, as the true winners are based upon cost effective ROI results. We are marketing experts that have extremely sound and practical business approaches to managing advertising campaigns.

Google Hotel Finder, Google Carousel, the re-packaging of Google local / map results all heavily impact search page results (SERP) and page positioning, which now drives overall search marketing strategies and integrated campaign management approaches. We truly get it, as our sole focus is cost effectively and profitably growing your hotel business.

Hotel paid search management services provided by Hotel Traffic Builders:

In-depth Keyword Research and Development

Choosing the correct keywords and new keyword phrases is fundamental to the success of any campaign. Hotel Traffic Builders’ team of paid search experts will develop an exhaustive list of relevant keywords that make sense for your hotel and will result in a positive ROI. We provide real time ROI tracking for every keyword to make sure you are getting the most qualified and profitable traffic.

Campaign Set-Up

We quickly and effectively set-up Google, Yahoo, and Bing other top-tier paid search campaigns. We create keyword categories, titles, descriptions, campaign budgets and unique tracking links that will provide you with a fully optimized campaign from the start.

Detailed ROI Tracking Campaign Reporting

We track from click to conversion/room booking for each visitor to your site. We treat each of your keywords / groups as unique individual campaigns, allowing us to spend every cent where it is most profitable for you. Our level of reporting is extremely detailed and comprehensive, which will give you tremendous insight into your marketing and your business. Our Hotel Marketing 4.0 hoteliers can monitor their campaign results in real time on the Hotel Marketing 4.0 Reporting Center alongside of their interactive social media campaign activities, and booking results all in in one interactive graphical location.

Bid Management

From the information we acquire through our real time ROI tracking and reporting, we are able to set your bid prices to precisely where you need to be to gain the optimal amount of traffic and revenue. We utilize ROI “rules-based” bidding which will help you bid smarter than your direct head to head competitors.

Integration of paid and SEO content management

Hotel Traffic Builders fully understands and has tremendous experience in properly integrating not only SEO and Paid search strategies, but also the bigger integration that involves evolving content creation, trending consumer search behaviors, and content management both on and off page to best leverage total effectiveness and search credibility results.

Hotel Traffic Builders Follows These Methods to deliver qualified PPC traffic to your site

Bidding into Premium Listings to maximize your exposure – No longer that simple!

Not many years back one of the most effective bidding strategies is to bid into Premium Listings, which are the top three ad positions for a particular search term. These Premium Listings give you maximum exposure to 80% of all active search users. Google search result pages have evolved tremendously over the past year, and will continue to do so going forward, especially for hotel and related travel searches.

Search result pages are now becoming totally dominated by Google Carousel, Google Hotel Finder, Google Local & Map content – as these items have taken over the premium page listing areas. Hence, your participation in these programs and adjustments to both paid and organic search need to adjust for all hotel and resort properties. Last year’s game plan is no longer an efficient way to market your hotel!

Use categories to bid efficiently

Hotel Traffic Builders will organize your terms into categories based on product or campaign theme or frequency of usage (e.g., bids we change once every few hours or daily). This will allow us to find and organize your keyword strategy and update bids more efficiently.

Set your Max Bid levels based on ROI driven financial targets

Hotel Traffic Builders will help you set your financial goals and track the results of your online advertising buys to ensure the success of your business. Accounting for “click to” conversions and return on investment (ROI) is a sure way to measure the success of your campaign.

Real time ROI tracking Your Hotel Advertising Results

Every keyword and/or keyword group will have its own ROI value in terms of its cost effectiveness to deliver sales booking to your hotel. One of the great benefits of Hotel Traffic Builders managed online advertising is how easily and precisely we can track results. This enables us to evaluate your various advertising options, such as Google & Overture search listings, banners and e-mails, and make informed decisions about where you should continue to put your advertising dollars.

It sounds simple and the bottom line results can be substantial, but many people aren’t sure how to track their results. To help you, we provide tracking and the reports that measure the effectiveness of your online advertising, getting you the highest return on your investment.

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