Local Destination Marketing

Local Destination Marketing

Many hoteliers fail to understand the value of developing local area content for their website and all social media channels. Often concerns about competitive offerings, or just the desire to focus on their own hotel is 100% of the time.

We understand that maximum success is attained when content development is tailored to end consumer informational needs. Consumers will and do aggressively search for this information, and they will find this content either on your site or social media, or on someone else’s site.

Think of local content development as “off property” amenities. Creation of rich content of these items will pay huge dividends. Hotel Traffic Builders will guide and manage this process with you. Just think about every local attraction, event, happening, local landmarks, shopping, dining and transportation options you guests want to know more about. This is an incredible opportunity for your hotel to be a local area authority and demonstrate credibility for local area information.

This is all about “Content Curation”, as when hotels become the voice of authority and credibility for local area information, this not only serves your hotel guests well, but also has a great impact on the value of your website in terms of SEO visibility. Just as important, this provides hotels with a very special opportunity of creating reciprocal inlinks to high quality and valued websites. An incredibly mutually beneficial solution that has no real cost, yet delivers great incremental qualified web traffic results.

And it does not stop there, by becoming an authority voice on your local destination; you now generate hugely valuable content for all of your social media outlets. Hotels that only post internal content to their social media channels have no real hope in ever creating a true social media community, facilitating two way dialog or truly treating your social media audience as true social friends.

Effectively leverage all your local destination has to offer – Go for it and we will help you make this happen!

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